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7 Clips that Made us Say “Seriously?” in August

September 5, 2017

No matter how tough the news cycle may seem, we can always count on our affiliates to share positive, uplifting, and sometimes absolutely ridiculous stories that make us laugh. Check out these stories from local TV stations that made us say “Seriously?” in August.


Yes, this cow’s spots make him look like Gene Simmons from KISS – KTRK.


This officer was just trying to leave, but a goat jumped on his patrol car…twice – KPRC.


It’s Not Delivery. It’s Digiorno pizza all over an Arkansas interstate – KTRK.


Is it a dog or a purse? This woman wasn’t too sure – KTRK.


This guy adds a little flair to his golf swing – WDAM.


A cat becomes famous for running across the field during a Cardinals game, is named “Rally Cat” for being the team’s good luck charm, and then runs away – KMOV.


But then don’t worry, after a social media frenzy, “Rally Cat” was found – KMOV.