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9 Headlines That Made Us Say “Seriously?” in July

August 2, 2017

1. “Please Help” Worker Stuck inside ATM Passes Notes to Customers – KPRC



2. American Airlines insists Passenger’s Flatulence wasn’t the Cause of Emergency Landing – ABC 11



3. California Teen Wins Lottery Twice in the Same Week – ABC 13 Houston



4. Family finds Shark in their Yard –  NBC 12



5. Latest Tattoo Trend is on your Armpit – WFAA.



6. Overturned Eel Truck Leaves Slime all over Oregon Highway – ABC 13 Houston



7. Uber Driver, Couple describe Baby’s Birth in Back of Car – ABC 7 Los Angeles



8. Gang of Goats Vandalize Business – WPXI



9. 15 Pounds of Frozen Italian Sausage Crashes Down on Family’s Roof – WPLG