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NewsON Team on the Road: Denver & Phoenix

September 27, 2016

Our team had the pleasure of attending two recent events. The Online News Association convention in Denver, Colorado and the NAB Small Market conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Editorial Lead, Alex, had a great time in Denver learning about digital newsrooms, alerting strategy, bot building, and ethical news gathering. He also took some time to sight see in beautiful Denver. Check out some of his pictures below.





Our Head of Marketing, Derek, traveled to Phoenix where he took part in the National Association of Broadcasters Small Market Television Exchange. Check out our snapchat filter in action at the event.


And the travels continue…stay tuned to see where the team goes next!

In case you missed it…here’s a quick update!

September 26, 2016

We’ve been busy over the past two weeks! Our company is growing and we wanted to fill you in on our milestones in case you missed it-

-We added a new station in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our viewers now have three options for local Raleigh news watching with WNCN, WTVD, and our newest station available, WRAL.

-WRAL is part of our latest addition to our list of station groups – Capitol Broadcasting Company.

-Capitol Broadcasting was also just announced as NewsON’s 8th investor group.

-We launched our second station in Omaha, Nebraska. Now viewers can choose between KPTM and KETV for their Omaha news.

-KSNV adds to the list in Las Vegas. Viewers can now watch either KSNV or KLAS news in Vegas.

-If you’re looking for news from Albany, New York, now you have three choices. WNYT, WTEN, and our newest addition, WRGB.

Don’t miss out on all of the happenings here at NewsON!

NewsON introduces “Station of the Week!”

September 19, 2016


Station of the Week is here!

Every week we will be highlighting a different station and their talent with a theme for each day. Check our social accounts and our blog for updates on the station we choose! Who knows, it may be your hometown, and you don’t want to miss it!

Monday we will make the big announcement. Who will we pick? Stay tuned for a fun a way to reveal a new station to start off the week. The rest of the week you can expect to see highlights of anchors, reporters, meteorologists, featured stories, newscasts, and more. We’re proud of all the stations we can showcase in our app, and we want you to see how great they are too!

We’d love for you to take part in showing off our stations. Let us know you’re watching, and get ready for this week’s announcement coming soon!



Seriously? That happened this week? …Yep!

September 16, 2016

In case you missed it…we’ve seen some crazy but interesting stories this week! Here are our top 5 from our Seriously? category that we think you should see.

“Woman hit by catfish falling from the sky”


“Kitten lured out of drainage pipe with burrito”


“Goat yoga becoming popular”


“Georgia woman searches for 14 missing snakes”


“Couple catches massive 809-pound gator”


Thanks for watching!

NewsON Team on the Road: First Stop, CEO in DC

September 12, 2016

Our very own CEO Louis Gump visited our nation’s capital last week to attend the Broadcast Innovations Conference at the Newseum put on by the National Association of Broadcasters. The conference put a huge emphasis on public service – a principle placed at the forefront of NewsON’s priorities. NewsON stands to provide instant access to local news to anyone in the country from anywhere. Louis’ attendance and participation in the discussion proved to be a worthwhile experience.

We got quite a bit of buzz on Twitter from both current users and those first hearing about the app in DC-






We even found out that Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon uses NewsON to watch KOIN! #win


Louis had the opportunity sit in on a discussion about the Future of Localism. The panel had two representatives from NewsON stations in DC and Orlando.


And even though this has nothing to do with innovations in broadcasting- he met Olympic Swimmer Allison Schmitt!

img_7098       img_7096

Here’s what Louis had to say about his trip:

“Earlier in the conference someone made the comment, ‘The heart of a broadcaster is the heart of a public servant,’ and that really got me thinking. We have 164 stations in the NewsON app so we are truly amplifying the work of the broadcasters and extending their service. To me, that’s really inspiring. We shared a lot of information about our company…our services we provide on a daily basis and our goals for the future, but I also got to hear about how other companies are working to serve the public as well.”


Be sure to check in for more highlights as our team attends many more conferences over the next several weeks.