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Bot Bot Bot

October 26, 2016

Yep, you read that right. We now have a bot! Now when you message NewsON using Facebook Messenger, you may be talking to the NewsON bot. Our bot, we named him Newton, can answer simple questions. Want to know if we have a station in your city or state? Just ask Newton! Want to know what stories are trending? Ask Newton! Want to know more about some of our features? You get the point. Ask Newton!

Newton isn’t completely perfect yet. We’re still making some tweaks here and there. You can help us make the bot even better by messaging us on Facebook so we can see how you interact with Newton and what you want to know. Remember, these are automated responses, so if something seems a little odd, it’s probably the bot. We’ll be back to check in soon to answer your questions if Newton can’t.

Feel free to ask Newton some funny questions too. I heard he likes to talk about his favorite TV show and movie 🙂

For now, enjoy talking to Newton the bot!


NewsON Ambassadors are Here!

October 24, 2016

We’re so excited to announce that our team just got a little bit bigger with the addition of these new ladies – our NewsON Ambassadors from the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications in partnership with the Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management, & Leadership.

The ambassadors will spend the semester promoting NewsON to other students and faculty around UGA as well as through their social circles through their own social platforms!

Lauren Sloan -  Lead Ambassador

Lauren interned with NewsON over the summer, and now she is involved with both the ambassador program and weekend alerting as NewsON’s Digital Programming Editor.

A little more about Lauren- She’s a senior Journalism and International Affairs double major. She hopes to travel the world one day and tell stories about everyone’s unique cultures. A fun fact about Lauren- she’s been paragliding over the Swiss Alps!

Karson Bankhead

Karson is junior majoring in Journalism with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. Her dream job is to be an anchor on E! News. Fun fact about Karson- she studied abroad in Florence, Italy for an entire semester last spring.

Kaitlyn Brandon

Kaitlyn is a sophomore majoring in Journalism and minoring in Sports Management. Her dream job is to be a sports broadcaster. Fun fact about Kaitlyn- she was a character performer at Walt Disney World!

Blanca Lopez-Olmedo

Blanca is a sophomore Journalism major minoring in Spanish. Her dream job is to be a broadcaster for CNN. Fun fact about Blanca- She practices her communication skills by creating funny videos (tutorials, shows, etc.) on her Snapchat story about current news events. She also eats Panda Express everyday.

Bailee Smith

Bailee is a senior Public Relations major in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Her dream job is to work in PR in a city she’s never lived in before. Fun fact about Bailee- Whitney Houston told her mom that she was a cute baby in line at Disneyland in 1995.

Ansley Warnell

Ansley is a junior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Kinesiology. She is also pursuing a Sports Media Certificate. Her dream job is to be a sports reporter. Fun fact about Ansley- She flew a plane before she drove a car.


We’re so excited to welcome these ladies to the NewsON team, and we can’t wait to see all of their hard work throughout the semester!


NewsON continues $1/Download Pledge through Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

October 10, 2016


Last week southeastern coastal areas were slammed by storm surges, hurricane force winds, power outages, and flooding from Hurricane Matthew. The storm ranged from a Category 4 to a Category 1 hurricane throughout its duration. Early projections showed the aftermath of the hurricane would be destructive from Florida to Georgia and up through the Carolinas.

NewsON as a team decided to do their part to serve the public by letting people in areas affected know that they could stay informed with their local news. NewsON became especially useful to those in Hurricane Matthew’s path who lost power and needed information. NewsON pledged to donate a dollar per download (up to $10,000) to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts as a way to let those who needed information know that they have a way to get it as long as they had a charged phone.

Now that the extent of the damage from the hurricane can be seen, NewsON is continuing their $1 per download pledge of up to $10,000 through the next couple of days. Information from local sources continues to be an important resource as news stations are constantly letting residents know about evacuation and re-entry, power/water/cable restoration, and areas still flooded.

We hope that during this cleanup period, NewsON can be just as useful as it was during the storm and will continue to be a vital source of local information on a national level. To help contribute to our relief efforts, you can download NewsON by clicking the following links:

iOS http://ow.ly/UeyGU

Android http://ow.ly/UeyJz

NewsON is also available on Roku devices and the Amazon tablet.


September 30, 2016

Why do you use NewsON?

When do you use NewsON?

Where do you use NewsON?

How do you use NewsON?

These are the questions we had for our users and we were lucky enough to get some pretty incredible answers! Check out what some people had to say when asked to explain “Why I NewsON.”

“I’ve been producing tv newscasts for nearly 24 years. Not only do I like to know what is going on elsewhere in the nation, but I like to get ideas on how other stations present stories. The NewsON app is the best for both. I have spent more time exploring NewsOn than any other app on my iPhone and iPad. But it’s not just fun to watch, it’s practical for anyone who doesn’t have time to watch their local news at home or when it’s on live.  It’s also a vital tool during severe weather. If the power goes out, viewers have a lifeline to their local news and weather through NewsON. It’s a must-have app for any smartphone user who wants to stay informed about what’s going on in their community.” -Bob Bennet (Norfolk, VA)

“I can’t always catch a newscast right when it starts, so I appreciate that NewsON makes it easy for me to catch the whole thing from the beginning when it’s convenient for me. I’m always in the know! Also, I’m a California transplant living in Minnesota. NewsON makes it easy for me to stay up to date with what’s going on back home. It’s one of my favorite apps. I use NewsON when I’m at work. Since I’m not near a TV, I can easily catch the latest news on my phone.” -Joe Alvarado (Minneapolis, MN)

“I use NewsON as a meteorologist to get another perspective of the weather I’m tracking. I can track a storm on radar, satellite, any of the tools available to me, but it helps to get another perspective. An example of this is with the tropics becoming active, I have been watching stations from Mobile, AL/Pensacola, FL, Orlando, FL, and Miami, FL to get information that I may not have gotten otherwise; and this is all from my office in Oklahoma City! I also have the NewsON apps on my phone and iPad to follow alerts of live feeds as well.” -David Moran (Oklahoma City)

“I love it because I watch WTOC every morning, so it keeps me up to date with what’s going on at home while being here in Atlanta! But I like having the option of watching our local news here as well.” -Freddi Mehlhorn (Atlanta, GA)

There are so many reasons to use NewsON. Whether you’re in the industry, miss home, or you want to be in the know, NewsON gives the same experience to everyone no matter why they’re using the app. Thanks for all of your support!

-The NewsON Team

NewsON Team on the Road: Athens, Ga

September 29, 2016

Our team is on the move again! Today Alison (Audience Development) and Heather (Technical Operations) traveled to Athens to represent NewsON at the dedication of the Cox Institute at the University of Georgia. The James M. Cox Jr. Institute for Journalism Innovation Management and Leadership is one of NewsON’s partners at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Today the Cox Institute celebrated the dedication of their new designated space in the Grady College.

As partners with the Cox Institute, NewsON is working with students in both brand promotion and mobile storytelling. Through the NewsON Ambassador Program, students of the Cox Institute were chosen to represent NewsON and spread awareness of the service throughout student life. NewsON is also working with students in the Mobile News Lab to produce mobile-friendly stories. Two representatives were chosen from NewsON to coach groups of students as they produce these pieces throughout the semester.


The NewsON team was pleased to be in attendance at today’s dedication and to take part in these student efforts. The team is also looking forward to coaching as many students as possible in the mobile and digital space through this partnership.