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January 12, 2018

NewsON brings you top stories of the week from across our categories! Check out Featured, We Recommend, Entertainment, Seriously? and the rest for more content from our affiliates across the country.

(Houston, TX) Couple in their 70s helps each other lose nearly 400 pounds

Together a couple lost nearly 400 pounds using their weight loss buddy system! Each of them both weighed over 300 pounds at one point in their lives, but with their support and love for each other, they were able to push through and create some amazing results! This story is from KTRK Houston.

(Dallas, TX) Adoption Agency suspended for ‘negligence’ 

An American adoption agency in India was suspended for what is being called ‘negligent’ behavior among some adoptive parents. Holt Agency is being suspended for the suspicious death of one of their kids. The three-year-old was found dead in Richardson, with the parents being arrested and charged for her death. After this incident, parents who are looking to adopt will be going under a special psych analysis. You can find the rest of this story at WFAA Dallas.

(Greenville, SC) Tide Pod Challenge

A dangerous new trend called the ‘Tide pod challenge’ is gaining popularity among teens. Doctors say just one of these tide pods will send you to the hospital. Many fads can be innocent, but consuming tide pods is something that should be recognized as unhealthy. This story and more can be found at WHNS Greenville/Spartanburg

(Honolulu, HI) Maui from ‘Moana’ lives in Maili and works at Costco?

‘That’s Maui!’ A couple of young girls screamed during a recent trip to Costco where they met a cashier who resembled a character from the Disney movie Moana. The girls could hardly contain their excitement when they first saw the cashier. In the now viral video, the cashier played along and invited the girls to yell ‘chee-hoo’ which is the character’s signature phrase. Check out the rest of this story at KHNL Honolulu.

(Houston. TX) Ways to protect information while using public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi is great when it comes to checking social media, websites and even online banking, but connecting to a public network may put your information into the hands of identity thieves. Thieves can make clone networks that look identical to real ones you connect to. Here are three tips on how to protect yourself from these thieves.

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi and use your cellular plan
  2. Disconnect from Bluetooth when in public
  3. You can add a layer of protection when buying a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Check out the rest of this story from KPRC Houston.

(Atlanta, GA) Workers shocked after Sam’s Club closes abruptly

Employees had no idea that when they left work one night, they would show up the next morning without a job. Sam’s Club customers and workers were shocked to discover that without warning the store suddenly closed down. Customers will have their memberships refunded and the employees given their last check. You can find the rest of this story and more at WSB Atlanta.

NewsON The Daily 1.11.2018

January 11, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.


After a Louisiana teacher asked about why the superintendent was given a raise and nothing to the teachers, she was arrested. After her arrest, she speaks out on being silenced by the board for practicing her first amendment right. Watch this full story from KTRK Houston with NewsON.


A high school student with Down syndrome made an incredible shot during his game, all thanks to one opponent’s kindness. Before the game was over, the student made a shot and missed, but his opponent rebounded the ball and gave it back to him. Beating the buzzer, the student made a three point shot sending everyone into a moment of cheer.  WTHR Indianapolis shares more of this story.


A veteran in Texas received a very special surprise from ‘Homes for Heroes’ after being injured in Afghanistan. With the soldier returning home, he and his wife were filled with joy when they realized they were chosen for this wonderful program. Despite the challenges the veteran faced, he was always seen with a smile on his face, which made him a perfect candidate for the program. Watch this story from from KCBD Lubbock.


Puppies that went missing after a car crash are finally reunited with their owner. After posting on social media for 24 days asking for help, someone was able to help find the puppies and get them back to their rightful owners. Watch this story from WKMG Orlando.


 Drones in Fargo are being used to scan buildings for heat in order to see if they are being efficient or not. Prior to the drones, workers were having to climb roofs and examine the buildings, but with recent drone technology it makes the job more reliable and safe. Watch more from WDAY Fargo with NewsON.


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NewsON The Daily 1.10.2018

January 10, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.



A couple in their 70s partnered up to lose some weight, and the results are amazing! Each of them weighed over 300 pounds at one point in their lives, but together they have lost over 400 pounds using their weight loss buddy system. Watch this full story from KTRK Houston with NewsON.



Alumni from Northeastern University have created an app that allows people to connect with their neighborhood. “BuzzLoop” can set a location to learn about the community around it. Whether it’s finding parking or the best bite to eat in town, it benefits both visitors and community members. Watch more from WFXT Boston with NewsON.

San Francisco


A mountain lion cub was found on the side of a highway in El Dorado, but is now in safe at the Oakland Zoo. The cub has been nursed back to health after being found in a fragile condition. With it’s mother no longer alive, freeing it back in the wild is not an option.  KGO San Francisco  shares more of this story.



It was a warm welcome back for one brother after he surprised his sister when returned home from his deployment. The soldier was a special guest at his sister’s JROTC meeting, and it brought her to tears when he came to speak. Watch this story from from WTOL Toledo .



While waiting for a heart transplant, a 3-year-old boy got to play in the snow for the first time in his life. This young boy usually receives medical treatments for 23 hours a day, but he was able to spend his break going out in the snow with his mother and nurses. Watch this story from WCSC Charleston.
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NewsON The Daily 1.9.2018

January 9, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.


A Boston police officer gave a stranded family a ride home after they missed their train. The family arrived in Boston on a connecting train from New York after their daughter had brain surgery. When the family was looking for somewhere to temporarily store their luggage, the police officer loaded it up into his trunk and offered them a ride home.



After four months of suffering from a neck injury, doctors have finally cleared Ben Abercrombie to return home. Ben was a football player at Harvard University when he injured his neck and was put into rehab. Ben and his family worked relentlessly to get back home, and now they can finally celebrate his homecoming. Watch these full stories from WFXT Boston with NewsON.



An 8th grade class in Ohio hopes to break a world record for having the highest percentage of twins in a class. The class has four sets of twins among the total number of twenty-seven students. The class waits in anticipation to find out if the class’ twin percentage will break the world record! Watch more from WOIO Cleveland with NewsON.



A couple in Evansville, who is preparing for their wedding at the end of January, received a special gift from a complete stranger. Strangers found the wedding registry of the engaged couple who had the same exact names as their parents after a Google search. As a nice gesture, they sent the couple their parents’ wedding glasses to help celebrate the future wedding. WFIE Evansville shares more of this story.



A woman was returning from a grocery store when a child wandered up to her for warmth. After not being able to find his parents, the woman called the police, who happened to be with his sister who was also out wandering around in the cold. The two children were taken to the hospital for warmth and a check-up. The mother who was supposed to be watching the kids is now in jail, and both children are back home safe with their father. More on this story from WWBT Richmond.

NewsON The Daily 1.8.2018

January 8, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.



Firefighters in Delaware not only rescued a man, but also a dog from an icy river. The dog got loose and fell through ice into the frigid river. The man tried to rescue his furry companion, but also got trapped in the ice. Firefighters arrived and pulled both the dog and man out of the freezing water. Watch this full story from WPVI Philadelphia  with NewsON.

San Francisco

A young girl with diverge syndrome is about to go through her 8th brain surgery. However, that didn’t stop this brave girl from donating 14 inches of her hair to “Wigs for Kids.”  She hopes by donating her hair that other kids in similar positions won’t have to worry how they look. Watch more from KGO San Francisco  with NewsON.


There is a new scam showing up on Facebook called “The Blessing Loom.”  Instead of returning your profits, it opens participants up to potentially getting their bank information hacked. The best way to avoid this – stay clear of any online pyramid schemes. WBTV Charlotte  shares more of this story.


iPhone users now have another method of contacting emergency numbers such as 911. Apple added in this additional feature for situations where an individual may not be able to dial 911. Watch this story from from WDAY Fargo.

Los Angeles

A teenager battling bone cancer got to meet his idol Stephen Curry at an NBA game in Los Angeles. Before the game started, the teen got to meet Curry on the court and try on his championship ring. Curry also gave the teenager his basketball shoes he warmed up in and his jersey he wore during the game. Watch this story from KABC Los Angeles.
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