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NewsON Team on the Road: First Stop, CEO in DC

September 12, 2016

Our very own CEO Louis Gump visited our nation’s capital last week to attend the Broadcast Innovations Conference at the Newseum put on by the National Association of Broadcasters. The conference put a huge emphasis on public service – a principle placed at the forefront of NewsON’s priorities. NewsON stands to provide instant access to local news to anyone in the country from anywhere. Louis’ attendance and participation in the discussion proved to be a worthwhile experience.

We got quite a bit of buzz on Twitter from both current users and those first hearing about the app in DC-






We even found out that Congressman Greg Walden of Oregon uses NewsON to watch KOIN! #win


Louis had the opportunity sit in on a discussion about the Future of Localism. The panel had two representatives from NewsON stations in DC and Orlando.


And even though this has nothing to do with innovations in broadcasting- he met Olympic Swimmer Allison Schmitt!

img_7098       img_7096

Here’s what Louis had to say about his trip:

“Earlier in the conference someone made the comment, ‘The heart of a broadcaster is the heart of a public servant,’ and that really got me thinking. We have 164 stations in the NewsON app so we are truly amplifying the work of the broadcasters and extending their service. To me, that’s really inspiring. We shared a lot of information about our company…our services we provide on a daily basis and our goals for the future, but I also got to hear about how other companies are working to serve the public as well.”


Be sure to check in for more highlights as our team attends many more conferences over the next several weeks.

New Clip Categories…Say What?

September 9, 2016


We’ve updated the clip categories that you know and love on our app, website, and Roku channel. We cut them down from eleven to seven…because who actually has time to look through all those tabs anyways? Now you can find exactly what you’re looking for and maybe come across something you find interesting along the way! Here’s what you’ll see now:

Politics and Election 2016 are now one big category.

Can you tell us the difference? We couldn’t figure it out either. Now you can get your Hillary and Donald fix all in one easy to click on tab. With a side of some local politics stories mixed in as well. Your welcome.

What happened to Uplifting? Healthy Living? Education? Family?

We’ll give you three guesses. Just kidding, we’ll tell you. It’s all in one tab now and it has a fancy new name. We Recommend. This category is completely made up of stories we are handpicking for you! You’ll still find stories covering all of the previous topics in this section. And since there was usually a lot of overlap before, now you don’t have to switch categories. It’s all in one place!

What about the other categories?

They are all the same! You can continue to get your local sports, weather, entertainment, featured, and, our personal favorite, Seriously? news all in separate categories exactly as you remember them.


Sometimes change is good. We hope you like this new look. We welcome your feedback!


Introducing Employee #7: Mike Robinson

September 8, 2016


We’re GROWING! We’re very excited to welcome Employee #7, Mike Robinson, to the NewsON Team. Mike officially joined us Tuesday, September 6th as our Senior Product Manager. His first big project is to work with our Head of Product and developers to bring more updated features to our browser experience. Stay tuned to our website to see these developments as they happen.

Before coming to NewsON, Mike worked as a Senior Product Manager for the USA Today Network here in Atlanta. His other previous work experience includes Executive Producer/Owner of Fanfare Productions, 11 Alive Sports Producer, and freelance producing for Comcast Sports Southeast. He studied at Oglethorpe University where he earned his Bachelor of Communications in 2003. Mike’s experience makes him a valuable member of our team as he brings knowledge of editorial, operations, and product strategy to the table. The rest of our team is looking forward to seeing how he implements his big ideas into our constantly evolving platform.

Some Fun Facts about Mike:

He just had a baby! His newborn is only 10 days old!
He also has another son who is 5 years old.
He has two dogs: Lily the English Bulldog and Stella the French Bulldog.
He is a huge Atlanta sports fan.
His favorite food is cheese pizza.
Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports.


Welcome Aboard, Mike!

Lauren’s Lesson

July 28, 2016



Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Paedia Mixon, CEO of New American Pathways. The non-profit is based right here in Atlanta, GA and focuses on helping thousands of refugees achieve long-term success on their path to citizenship.

As our meeting came to a close, I asked her for any parting words or advice for young girls entering the working world.

Her answer stuck with me. And I thought I’d share it with you:

Most people look for jobs that already exist. But you don’t have to be constrained by the environment around you. ~Paedia Mixon, CEO of New American Pathways

Surprisingly, the young CEO referenced an episode from the popular TV show “Friends” to explain this lesson. Whether you’re familiar with the show or not, the lesson will resonate with you, I promise.

Let me set the scene:

Monica and Phoebe are co-hosting a surprise party. And Monica is, well, controlling. So she put Phoebe  in charge of just the “cups and ice.” But did Phoebe let this task constrain her? No. Instead, she ran with it.

Phoebe made snow cones. She built banners, centerpieces and hats all made out of cups. There was even a cup chandelier. You see, the point is, don’t allow yourself to be constrained. Take the resources you have, the opportunities you have, and make your own thing. You don’t always have to do things “the way they’ve always been done.” Be creative. Try a whole bunch of things until you find what’s right for you. And when you find that thing you like, throw yourself at it. Go all in. Run with it.

Cups and ice. It’s as simple as that.