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Local Stories we’re Following this Week

August 10, 2017

Orlando Day Care Van Death: 3-year-old Myles Hill was found dead Monday afternoon after he was found to have been left in a van for several hours at a day care in Orlando. WFTV, WESH, and WKMG have the latest as investigations continue into how this happened and what this means for the daycare and others involved.

Water Pumps in New Orleans: New Orleans was hit with flooding on Saturday with more heavy rains expected to come . Throughout the week there have been several reports of the number of water pumps in operation. WDSU and WVUE are tracking the developments of this story and how the city is preparing for another round of rain.

Woman Returns to Raleigh from Honduras: After being jailed in Honduras for what authorities thought was cocaine in her luggage, Amanda LaRoque returned home to Raleigh. WNCN and WTVD have more on her homecoming.

Death of Glen Campbell in Nashville: Country legend Glen Campbell died this week after a battle with Alzheimer’s at age 81. WKRN and WZTV took a closer look at the impact he had on country music.

Tracking the Tropics: Local meteorologists from our stations along the coast and across the country have been keeping an eye out on the tropics after the NOAA announced that this year could be the most active hurricane season since 2010.

The Solar Eclipse is ALMOST Here: Find out when and where to view the solar eclipse and what kind of special glasses you need from our stations in the path of totality.