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NewsON The Daily 1.11.2018

January 11, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.


After a Louisiana teacher asked about why the superintendent was given a raise and nothing to the teachers, she was arrested. After her arrest, she speaks out on being silenced by the board for practicing her first amendment right. Watch this full story from KTRK Houston with NewsON.


A high school student with Down syndrome made an incredible shot during his game, all thanks to one opponent’s kindness. Before the game was over, the student made a shot and missed, but his opponent rebounded the ball and gave it back to him. Beating the buzzer, the student made a three point shot sending everyone into a moment of cheer.  WTHR Indianapolis shares more of this story.


A veteran in Texas received a very special surprise from ‘Homes for Heroes’ after being injured in Afghanistan. With the soldier returning home, he and his wife were filled with joy when they realized they were chosen for this wonderful program. Despite the challenges the veteran faced, he was always seen with a smile on his face, which made him a perfect candidate for the program. Watch this story from from KCBD Lubbock.


Puppies that went missing after a car crash are finally reunited with their owner. After posting on social media for 24 days asking for help, someone was able to help find the puppies and get them back to their rightful owners. Watch this story from WKMG Orlando.


 Drones in Fargo are being used to scan buildings for heat in order to see if they are being efficient or not. Prior to the drones, workers were having to climb roofs and examine the buildings, but with recent drone technology it makes the job more reliable and safe. Watch more from WDAY Fargo with NewsON.


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