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NewsON The Daily 1.8.2018

January 8, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.



Firefighters in Delaware not only rescued a man, but also a dog from an icy river. The dog got loose and fell through ice into the frigid river. The man tried to rescue his furry companion, but also got trapped in the ice. Firefighters arrived and pulled both the dog and man out of the freezing water. Watch this full story from WPVI Philadelphia  with NewsON.

San Francisco

A young girl with diverge syndrome is about to go through her 8th brain surgery. However, that didn’t stop this brave girl from donating 14 inches of her hair to “Wigs for Kids.”  She hopes by donating her hair that other kids in similar positions won’t have to worry how they look. Watch more from KGO San Francisco  with NewsON.


There is a new scam showing up on Facebook called “The Blessing Loom.”  Instead of returning your profits, it opens participants up to potentially getting their bank information hacked. The best way to avoid this – stay clear of any online pyramid schemes. WBTV Charlotte  shares more of this story.


iPhone users now have another method of contacting emergency numbers such as 911. Apple added in this additional feature for situations where an individual may not be able to dial 911. Watch this story from from WDAY Fargo.

Los Angeles

A teenager battling bone cancer got to meet his idol Stephen Curry at an NBA game in Los Angeles. Before the game started, the teen got to meet Curry on the court and try on his championship ring. Curry also gave the teenager his basketball shoes he warmed up in and his jersey he wore during the game. Watch this story from KABC Los Angeles.
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