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NewsON The Daily 1.9.2018

January 9, 2018

Here’s what our local affiliates are covering nationwide with today’s NewsON The Daily.


A Boston police officer gave a stranded family a ride home after they missed their train. The family arrived in Boston on a connecting train from New York after their daughter had brain surgery. When the family was looking for somewhere to temporarily store their luggage, the police officer loaded it up into his trunk and offered them a ride home.



After four months of suffering from a neck injury, doctors have finally cleared Ben Abercrombie to return home. Ben was a football player at Harvard University when he injured his neck and was put into rehab. Ben and his family worked relentlessly to get back home, and now they can finally celebrate his homecoming. Watch these full stories from WFXT Boston with NewsON.



An 8th grade class in Ohio hopes to break a world record for having the highest percentage of twins in a class. The class has four sets of twins among the total number of twenty-seven students. The class waits in anticipation to find out if the class’ twin percentage will break the world record! Watch more from WOIO Cleveland with NewsON.



A couple in Evansville, who is preparing for their wedding at the end of January, received a special gift from a complete stranger. Strangers found the wedding registry of the engaged couple who had the same exact names as their parents after a Google search. As a nice gesture, they sent the couple their parents’ wedding glasses to help celebrate the future wedding. WFIE Evansville shares more of this story.



A woman was returning from a grocery store when a child wandered up to her for warmth. After not being able to find his parents, the woman called the police, who happened to be with his sister who was also out wandering around in the cold. The two children were taken to the hospital for warmth and a check-up. The mother who was supposed to be watching the kids is now in jail, and both children are back home safe with their father. More on this story from WWBT Richmond.