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Watch our Top 9 “Seriously?” Stories from October

November 2, 2017

These local news stories are sure to make you laugh, smile, or may just make you say “seriously?”

This guy made a graveyard of trends from 2017 – KGO


This farmer grows record-breaking pumpkins – KGO


And then these farmers paddle boarded down a river in very large pumpkins – KABC


Speaking of paddle boarding, this woman enjoys hitting the water with her pet chicken – WMC


Check out the size of this iguana that was caught in a Florida restaurant – KTRK


You won’t believe how long this dog’s tongue is – WHEC


If you fly out of this airport, you may just see this airport worker dancing on the tarmac – WPXI


This school counselor has some fun with her yearbook photo every year, and the kids love it – WSLS


And then this guy ran across the field at the World Series wearing nothing but an American flag – KTRK