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What We’re Watching Today in Local News

October 30, 2017

The Northeast. A powerful storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands. Many schools are closed today and there are reports of wind damage across the region. You can tune into any of the stations below as well as additional stations in the area in the NewsON app and Roku channel for local coverage of this storm and the impacts.

World Series. The Astros currently lead the series 3-2. The next game will be played in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Watch local coverage from Los Angeles (KABC) and Houston (KTRK) as baseball fans prepare for Game 6.

And if you stayed up too late to watch Game 5, hopefully you used this excuse note from the MLB to get out of work or school today.


Politics. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates have been indicted on 12 criminal counts including money laundering and conspiracy against the U.S. government. They both plead not guilty to these charges. Also today, a federal court ruled against President Trump’s policy regarding transgender troops. WUSA has the latest from Washington D.C.